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An astronaut on a one way mission to deep space reminisces about everything she left behind.

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Unit Photography by Matt Towers

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Voyager was developed as my Final Major Project for MA in Film Production at Solent University. We shot in December 2020 in Southampton with an amazing cast and crew, and although more post-production work is required I look forward to finishing and releasing the film.

Directed and Produced by Liam Calvert

Written by Liam Calvert and Martin Jenner




Sophie Delora Jones as Celeste

Fredericka Charles as Angelique


Director of Photography: Matthias Djan

Production Designer: Holli Burrows

Editor: Sara Hutchinson

Sound Designer: Aarif Chumber-Ali

Composer: Lucy Whiting

Casting: Liam Calvert and Katrina Lazaro-Shaw

Associate Producers: Stammo Malfas, Katrina Lazaro-Shaw and Hazel Priest

First Assistant Director: Megan-Rose Davies and Adam Morreale

Also Starring:

Sam Jochim

Jake Flannigan

Christine English

Caroline Hanks-Farmer

Katiee Griffiths

First Assistant Camera: Tomas Filipe

Second Assistant Camera: Emma McConologue

Production Assistant: Sofia Font Rodriguez

Make-Up: Ines Costa

Sound Assistant: Helena Spychala

Runners: Megan Reeve, Katrina Lazaro-Shaw

Unit Photography by Matt Towers

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