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Liam studied Film and Television at Solent University in Southampton, where after starting out as an editor he found his passion for writing and directing. He wrote a World War Two short film for his undergraduate FMP and directed a Wetherspoon workplace documentary and a sci-fi family drama as part of an MA in Film Production. Since leaving higher education, Liam has directed another short zombie drama, and has two more shorts in early development. 

Liam is fascinated by stories with big characters, regardless of the genre or setting. Characters are the crux of any story, and that is his focus as a filmmaker, the relationships and struggles between different people and personalities, and how they come together for better or worse. Whether soldiers on a distant planet, civilians of World War Two or workers in a pub, Liam’s films always focus around a relatable, emotional core.

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1 IN 6

Two zombie bites. One bullet left. No way out.

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Liam is a fantastic, proficient and dedicated editor who worked extremely hard on the edit of my short film 'Taking Delilah'. I am really happy with what Liam achieved and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him on this project

Writer/Director Rachel Stephens

I worked with Liam when he volunteered to create a film called 'Better Days' for a project I ran on behalf of Touch Network. the film was great and showed amazing talent and dedication to our cause. When we presented the film, our guests loved it, and found it a helpful interpretation of our research report. We're really grateful for Liam's time, efforts and hard work!

Debs Carter
Founder/Director, Touch Network

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